Company profile

Since 2007, the OTL Tranport+Logistik GmbH has been a company of the HEINLOTH - the logistic experts group.

OTL Tranport+Logistik is a specialist for TRANSPORT and FORWARDING with focus on GERMANY and SCANDINAVIA.

Our employees not only have profound knowledge but also deal with the conditions and regulations of the respective destination country on a day-to-day basis. This ensures optimum solutions for your benefit. Our car pool is equipped with state-of-the-art technology including Joloda.

Thanks to our qualified expert knowledge of the markets, reliability, and on-schedule delivery, we managed to attain a remarkable market position in the past few years.

We offer our customers individual services in the TRANSPORT and FORWARDING sector, of premium quality, reliability and flexibility.

Our central organizational and administrative structures ensure short decision processes and thus provision of excellent services for YOU, a benefit that our customers hold in high esteem already today.

OTL Transport+Logistik GmbH


key facts

Business locations1
Warehouse/logistic spaceIn alliance  
Pool of vehicles25